Are You Suffering from Inflammation?

Inflammation is a protective response by the body.. The body is signaling that it is trying to eliminate the initial cause of inflammation (e.g. irritants/pathogens/damaged cells). Take for instance the classic case of sore throat.. do you remember the “heaty” and swollen feeling that makes eating or speaking difficult? Does it sound familiar that this … More Are You Suffering from Inflammation?

Do You Know the Human Body can Produce Glucosamine?

Sharing my mum’s experience.. Like most senior citizens, my mum suffers from osteoarthritis in both knees. She experienced pain while walking, let alone climbing up or down steps. The doctor has given her glucosamine, pain killer and has even advised for knee replacement several years back. She also goes for weekly acupuncture and physiotherapy but … More Do You Know the Human Body can Produce Glucosamine?