About Me

A neighbourhood (Hougang) kid who became a banker earning a six-figure annual salary!

Being the only child in the family, I have always taken it upon myself to work towards financial independence so as not to burden my parents. With perseverance, I secured a scholarship for my undergraduate studies and ultimately landed in the dream job for any finance graduate – a front office role in a top tier investment bank.

Jumping on the modern lifestyle bandwagon..

Items that are not stated in the contract: long working hours (e.g. 8am-3am) + hectic travel schedule (e.g. attending a 9am meeting upon flying in from a red-eye flight) + constant stress (e.g. politics aka hunger games / budget pressure / expectation to reply to emails even on non-working days) + unhealthy diet etc.  

The effect of a modern lifestyle..

Inevitably, both my emotional and physical health suffered. I was unhappy as work politics made it such that I was chastised for helping colleagues. I was constantly plagued with lower backache and eventually had two slip-discs which led to my first ever operation in 2015. It was at this moment my friend introduced Oxyginberry and the concept of Nutritional Immunology (NI) to help me with recovery.

Embracing the NI lifestyle..

Our immune system is the best doctor in the world. By being aware and making a conscious effort to the type of food we consume, we can maintain a healthy immune system to keep diseases at bay. In addition, I also find peace and relaxation in yoga and pilates practice.

Who am I?

  • A blessed soul who enjoys helping and learning from people.
  • A passionate Nutritional Immunology consultant.

With kind regards
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