Are You Suffering from Inflammation?

Inflammation is a protective response by the body..
The body is signaling that it is trying to eliminate the initial cause of inflammation (e.g. irritants/pathogens/damaged cells). Take for instance the classic case of sore throat.. do you remember the “heaty” and swollen feeling that makes eating or speaking difficult? Does it sound familiar that this usually happen after eating some deep-fried food or when you are exposed to coughing/sneezing colleagues? In both cases, the body is trying to eliminate the irritants (i.e. deep-fried food) through difficult swallowing and the pathogen (e.g. virus/bacteria) through difficult speaking. Sore throat is an example of an acute inflammation as it goes away in a few days.

Look out for chronic inflammation!
Due to modern lifestyle, most people are experiencing chronic inflammation but are unaware as the symptoms manifested are not obvious like that of a sore throat. Chronic inflammation is dangerous as it causes the immune system to be in a permanent fight-state against the cause of inflammation and not knowing when to switch itself off. Consequently, it brings about many chronic diseases in the long run.

For example, it could cause autoimmune diseases — leading to autism, alzheimer’s disease in the brain. On the skin, issues like eczema, acne, psoriasis could result from there. In our lungs, it could cause allergies or asthma. In the joints, it could result in rheumatoid arthritis.

Understanding the factors causing inflammation..
You are what you eat and diet plays a big role in contributing to inflammation. Meat, dairy products, alcohol and drugs trigger intestinal lining inflammation resulting in leaky gut which in turn lead to 80 different autoimmune diseases!


Description of “leaky gut” & it’s implication on inflammation


How can Nutritional Immunology (NI) help with inflammation?
Nutritional Immunology (NI) has been advocating more plant-based food over animal-based food. By minimizing or abstaining from meat and dairy products, this will help to eliminate a source of inflammation. Besides, mother nature has abundant wholesome superfoods which have anti-inflammatory property (e.g. cactus, rose, ginger, licorice etc). 

Start taking action to safeguard your health and keep chronic inflammation at bay! PM me to find out more. Share if you find this post useful 🙂

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