News Flash – Cancer could kill 60% more women by 2030

Are you surprised?
I am not. The recent news article by Straits Times (link: highlights that women are “increasingly exposed to known cancer risk factors “associated with rapid economic transition”… such as physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, obesity and reproductive factors”. Indeed, these are part and parcel of the challenges we face in our modern lifestyle.

However, I am surprised..
That most people seems to think that the only way to fight cancer is through early detection and seeking the best treatment. Most people also seems to have fallen prey into this false sense of security that “it is ok” if the cancer is in early stage. While it is important to stay positive and fight the disease, the truth is that the cancer has taken at least 6-8 years to develop before being detected by medical machines. There are about 1 million cancer cells within the size of a full-stop! Cancer, therefore, should not be taken lightly regardless of the stage it is at.

Cancer treatments..
Unfortunately in most cases, cancer patients need conventional treatments like surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to fight the disease immediately. However, these treatments usually cause significant side effects and can be fairly invasive. A friend was sharing that her father’s throat muscles have hardened due to cancer treatments which were done 5 years ago and now has to be fed through gastrostomy. Consequently, people begin to seek for alternative treatments (e.g. hormone replacement therapy). The issue with alternative treatment is that there is still some form of reliance on external aid (e.g. drugs & hormones) to fight against the disease. The root cause of cancer is a weak immune system losing the battle. Therefore, isn’t it better if one can tackle the root cause (i.e. strengthening the immune system)?

Our immune system is the best doctor on earth!
We can strengthen our immune system by nourishing it with wholesome superfoods that are packed with disease-fighting nutrients like antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides. A healthy immune system will then be able to 1) defend against diseases (including cancer), 2) cleanse away toxins and 3) repair the damaged cells. For those who believe that cancer is genetic as they have seen people who “eating healthily” yet are still diagnosed with cancer, perhaps it is time to look deeper into the definition of “eating healthily” as macro nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates do not constitute healthy eating. Needless to say, emotions (e.g. stress) plays a role too. 

Embrace “I create my life” attitude!
My friend’s father did not give up despite being pronounced “terminally ill” and put on hospice and palliative care since 5 years ago. He diligently goes to supermarket daily to buy as many different kind of fruits and vegetables, washes and prepare them for consumption and his survival has surprised even the doctor. This is a live example of how Nutritional Immunology (NI) helps in the battle against cancer!

FYI, vegecolor offers the convenience and goodness of 28 vegetables instead of you having to go the supermarket. All thanks to Dr Jau-Fei Chen and E.Excel for their continuous research on Nutritional Immunology (NI) as well as ensuring optimum quality and food safety.

Do feel free to reach out to me if you would like to know more about NI or where to get wholesome superfoods to fight against cancer. Share if you find this post useful 🙂

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