Do You Know the Human Body can Produce Glucosamine?

Sharing my mum’s experience..
Like most senior citizens, my mum suffers from osteoarthritis in both knees. She experienced pain while walking, let alone climbing up or down steps. The doctor has given her glucosamine, pain killer and has even advised for knee replacement several years back. She also goes for weekly acupuncture and physiotherapy but these only provide momentary pain relief. I remember feeling the heat radiating out from her knees when the inflammation within worsen.

What do you know about glucosamine?
Glucosamine is important for bone health as it stimulates cartilage cells to produce more proteoglycans. Proteoglycans attract and hold water which is needed to lubricate and nourish the cartilage. However, collagen is required to keep proteoglycans in place. Glucosamine also helps to keep cartilage from breaking down and further rebuilds damaged cartilage.

However, glucosamine does not exist on its own in nature..
The glucosamine supplements available in the market are usually man-made or derived from animal sources.


The key issue with synthetic supplements is that you are ingesting chemicals at the end of the day (i.e. overloading the liver). Animal-sourced glucosamine supplements also carry along the risk such as the use of antibiotics and growth hormones in the farming of the animals, shellfish allergies and contamination (e.g. methyl mercury in shark cartilage). Besides, long-term use of glucosamine may cause insulin resistance hence resulting in higher risk of developing diabetes. Not to mention glucosamine supplements interact with medication such as warfarin slowing blood clotting even more. Furthermore, studies have shown that synthetic glucosamine does not help to prevent osteoarthritis!

We can produce our own glucosamine!
Nutritional Immunology (NI) reminds us that the human body is capable of producing our own glucosamine which in turns produce glycosaminoglycans (a major component of cartilage). All we need to do is to increase our intake of plant food that is high in glutamine and packed with nutrients like antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharide to stimulate cell regeneration.


Nutritional Immunology (NI) – The most natural and effective way to good bones and joints health!
My mum was initially skeptical about NI since even doctors have claimed the only way out is operation. However, 6 months after consuming wholesome superfoods such as Oxyginberry + G-Art + Art, she experiences significantly less pain in her knees and is able to walk and even climb stairs with much ease. This just shows that the human body’s immune system is indeed the best doctor on earth! All you have to do is to provide it with the right nourishment. On a side note, my mum is currently switching to Soygreen for breakfast to lose weight thereby lessening the burden on the knee joints so as to truly attain a quality painless life!

Plant foods that are high in glutamine, antioxidants, phyotchemicals, polysaccharides, manganese, chlorophyll, phytoestrogens and Vitamin K.

Feel free to reach out to me to find out more about NI or where to get these wholesome superfoods. Share if you find this useful.

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