News Flash – Herbal and Dietary Supplements tied to Liver Damage


Hello.. Wake Up my friend!
In case if you haven’t read it, this is a recent article published by Channel News Asia (link: Hoping this is a wake up call for those who have been taking herbal and dietary supplements (i.e. blah blah extracts/concentrates)!

The logic is simple..
Most of the herbal and dietary supplements are not wholesome. They are either synthetically-made or are in the form of extracts/concentrates which imply they are chemically-formulated/altered. Consuming these supplements means you are loading your liver with more chemicals!

Understanding your liver..


Our liver is one of the most important organs in our body. The liver performs over 500 different functions including fighting off infection, neutralizing toxins, manufacturing proteins and hormones, controlling blood sugar and helping to clot the blood. Unfortunately, it does not have any sensory glands around it. Hence we will not feel pain if the liver is under stress or malfunctioning which explains the below excerpt. Often, we will see the symptoms of a stressed liver manifesting itself in another part of our body.


Be a wise consumer!
Easy accessibility (e.g. online), clever labeling/marketing (e.g. natural, herbal), product popularity and product effectiveness have many a times blinded our judgement in choosing health supplements. It is essential to educate ourselves that not all natural or herbal food are safe. It is only wise to choose a manufacturer who has numerous years of experience in researching into wholesome superfoods as well as food safety track records.. Unless you have about US$500,000 to spare for a liver transplant!

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