Do you know you are a Millionaire?

Welcome to the club!
All of us are millionaire. Try adding up the cost of organ transplants and you will know why..


Have you been giving your body the necessary maintenance?
Since the day we were born, our body has been working non-stop for us. Have you been feeding it with important disease-fighting nutrients (synthetic vitamins are not counted) to nourish the immune system so that it can continue to work for you for the next 50 years or more? If we do not service our air-conditioning unit (which we only use for 8hrs/day) for more than 6-12 months, the air-con will probably start blowing hot air and break down at some stage. Imagine what happens if we do not “service/maintain” our immune system?

Start investing in your health bank!
All of us are exchanging our health for wealth everyday. We go to work to earn money which we then use it to pay off our mortgage, car loan, utilities bills, shopping etc. The fact is that we are drawing down on our health reserve which is a limited resource. When are we going to start investing in the health bank so that we can continue to use it to earn our wealth? Is it when the health check-up report shows high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes? Or is it when an autoimmune disease strike?


Price is what you pay, value is what you get..
Given the challenges of modern lifestyle, we should invest in our health by consuming wholesome superfood and not synthetic supplements. We are simply fulfilling our responsibility to our family and loved ones. By taking care of our own health, we get to spend quality time with family instead of them having to spend the time looking after us when we fall sick or even us passing the flu to the family. With the backing of solid health bank, we will be able to continue to generate more wealth too!

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