What does Food Safety mean to you?

Does Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) = Food Safety?
Many Singaporeans are under the impression that since all imported food must pass through AVA, they must be safe to consume right? If this assumption is true, what about the recent product recall cases despite claims that “there is no food safety risk associated”?


How about AVA’s stand on health supplements?


Most people have become complacent as they rely heavily on AVA’s police function against “prohibited ingredients” which is fair and valid. Besides prohibited ingredients, have you wonder what about the level of approved active substances as stated on the ingredient label? For example, beta carotene which is commonly found in multivitamins is actually associated with increased risk of lung and gastric cancer! Heavy metal and microbial are the only two limit level mentioned but what about pesticides, chemical fertilizer and antibiotics level?

Be a wise consumer!
You are what you eat. An effective product does not necessarily mean that it is safe. The harmful side effects might not manifest itself immediately but what about in the long term?

All of us are free to make our own choices. As such, I choose E.Excel for safe and good quality health products. Founded by the pioneer of Nutritional Immunology (NI) – Dr Jau Fei Chen, it is the only company that produces wholesome health food. E.Excel strong commitment to product safety and quality standards explains why it’s Singapore manufacturing plant is awarded the AVA Food Safety Excellence Award for the 12th consecutive year!

For more details on E.Excel commitment to product safety and quality standards, please click here.

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